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Bolero Drink Berries with Stevia


  • Sugar free
  • 100g pack
  • Sugar-free instant soft drink with stevia extract
  • Instant soft drink with the natural sweetener Stevia
  • berries -flavored
  • The taste of an energy drink(but just a lot better)but without caffeine and without taurine. Just enjoy the taste.


The pure, sugar-free pleasure:
  • sugar free
  • decaffeinated
  • vegan
  • without taurine
  • Pure taste !!!


One sachet is suitable for preparing 18 - 60 liters of finished drink. Simply decide for yourself how intensely you would like to enjoy our soft drinks.

If you want an intense fruit flavor, use one bag of powdered drink to prepare 15 - 20 liters of drink.


So you get it from one packup to 60 liters of finished drink!!!!

Just decide how best to enjoy our Bolero Instant Drinks.


A little hint:

Bolero is ideal for hiking, on vacation and on the go, as well as for sporting activities such as fitness, jogging or football. Very low weight and a small pack size.


Bolero Instant Drink - refreshment for all occasions.


Ingredients: acidulants: citric acid, malic acid; maltodextrin; Flavors; Natural flavours; sweeteners: acesulfame-k, sucralose, steviol glycosides; acidity regulator: trisodium citrate; release agent: tricalcium phosphate; thickeners: guar gum, gum arabic; L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C);  Dye: carrot.


Nutritional Information Bolero Berries - Sugar Free Soft Drink:


per 100mlfinished drinkper 10g  or
1,500 ml finished drink
calorific value:7kJ/2kcal105kJ / 28kcal
of which sugars:0.00g0.00g
saturated with it
fatty acids:
Vitamin C:6mg (7.5%RDA)90 mg
* corresponds to XX% of the recommended daily dose (%RDA)




Bolero drink berries 100g

SKU: 210428
100 Grams
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