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Kokosnuss, coconut, früchte, fruits
Bolerodrink Kokosnuss, Himbeere, Ananas, Wassermelone, einzelbeutel
pineapple, ananas, watermelon, wassermelone, getränke, drink, früchte, fruits
banana, kiwi, banane, früchte, fruits



How many times have you been told to stop coke, ice tea, energydrinks, juices and all soft drinks?
If you want to be healthy or lose weight, there is only water and protein shakes... 

Bolerodrink Cranberry , wenig kcal, kein zucker, shoppen
Raw 2
Wassermelone, watermelon, melone kaufen, fruit, früchte
Bolerodrink Wassermelone , wenig kcal, kein zucker, shoppen



Bolero powdered drinks are an innovation in the beverage industry as they were developed by nutritionists to offer a healthy alternative to traditional sweet and soft drinks.
And all without sugar and unnecessary KCAL.

rasberry, himbeere, fruits, früchte
cranberry bolerodrink
lychee, fruit, früchte
organisch, 100% organic, organische produkte, organische getränke
vegan, vegane produkte, vegane drinks, vegane getränke
ohne zusatzstoffe, zusatzstofffrei
cruelty free, keine tierversuche
Bolerodrink ist bekannt von der Fitnessmesse Fibo

Ideal choice for people who value healthy and balanced nutrition. Free from sugar, low in calories and without additives.

79 verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen, 79 different flavors


With over 79 different flavors, no wish remains unfulfilled. And with 100% authentic taste.

Perfekt für unterwegs, Bolero ist das optimale Getränk für wandern und reisen und unterwegs im Alltag

Perfect for on the go

Small, compact bags that you can take anywhere and turn into a delicious drink in seconds. 

Bolerodrink is sugar free, Bolerodrink ist zuckerfrei, sugar free, zuckerfrei

Sugar free

100% free of sugar, gluten, lactose, kcal & preservatives. 
Instead, the   natural sweetener  Stevia   is used!_cc781905-94_cf5bad5b

bolerodrink eigenet sich für Menschen mit Diabetes, Getränk für Menschen mit Diabetes.


Also edible without sugar for people suffering from diabetes without sacrificing quality of life. 

Bestpreis garantie, Bester Preis , Bolerodrink günstig, bestprice

Healthy & Inexpensive

Bolero contains a lot vitamin C. Thus, it contributes to the normal functioning of the energy metabolism and helps to reduce fatigue. In addition one bag suitable for the preparation of 1.5 - 6 liters of finished drink. 

Bolergdrink eigenet sich perfekt für Kinder


A great relief for many parents to get their loved ones used to a healthy diet without losing the fun. 

Boleropulver in 0,5 bis 2Liter Wasser geben zum auflösen
Zubereitung durch mixen des Boleropulvers
Genieße deinen Bolerodrink
Rezession Damon Kress hat mithilfe Bolerodrinks 30kg abgenommen

Damon Kress

"I lost 30kg in 15 months. In the beginning I had constant Problems with cravings. Bolero was a very good substitute for coke, sprite and ice tea, which I used to drink every day." 

"The best medicine is a healthy diet and the best recipe for it is variety." - Unknown

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