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shipping information

1. Basics
The shipping / postage / packaging costs are at the expense of the customer. Shipping costs include all costs that are necessary for a flawless delivery. This includes, among other things: packaging, packaging material, postage.

The goods are delivered by the provider within 4-5 working days in Germany and within 8-10 working days for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. The shipments are made by Deutsche Post, DHL, DPD or Hermes, as well as Swiss Post. If Bolero Drink Shop does not have an item in stock, the procurement time takes between 15-20 working days. The customer will be informed immediately as soon as the goods are back in stock. The dispatch of the goods without being insured is at the risk of the customer.

In particular, Bolero Drink Shop cannot be held responsible for non-delivery or late delivery due to incorrect or incomplete address or as a result of the fault of Deutsche Post, DHL, DPD or Hermes, and no claims for damages can be asserted.


We also deliver orders to packing stations and post offices in Germany. Please enter the post number and the number of the packing station/post office in your shipping address.


From an order value of 80 euros we deliver free of charge throughout Germany!




Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays. If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in one shipment, unless we have made any other agreements with you. In this case, the delivery time is determined by the item with the longest delivery time that you have ordered. In addition, delivery by letter post without outer packaging of the items will be delivered.


We deliver to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

The service is provided in Klettgau (D).

2. costs
2.1 Shipping/Packaging Germany uninsured Deutsche Post (letter)/ DHL (packages)

up to 50 g = € 1.25 (Deutsche Post - letter)

51 - 250 g = € 1.80 (Deutsche Post - letter)

251g - 2kg = € 4.49 (DHL)

(Letters are always delivered without outer packaging)

2.2 Shipping/Packaging Germany insured Deutsche Post (letter) / DHL (packages)

up to 50 g = € 3.25 (Deutsche Post - letter)

51 - 250 g = € 3.80 (Deutsche Post - letter)

251g - 2kg = € 4.99 (DHL)

2.001 to 5 kg = € 6.49 (DHL)
5.001 to 10 kg = € 9.50 (DHL)

from 10,001 kg = € 17.50 (DHL)

(Letters are always delivered without outer packaging)


2.3 Shipping/Packaging Germany insured Hermes
up to  0.65 kg = €  4.50 (Hermes)
from   0.65 kg = €  6.50 (Hermes)

from   2.60 kg = € 10.95 (Hermes)

from 16.00 kg = € 18.95 (Hermes)

2.4 Shipping/packaging via DHL International to Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Italy, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden
bis       2 kg -
up to       2 kg = € 11.99 - insured

up to       5 kg = € 14.99 - insured

up to     10 kg = € 19.99 - insured

from 10.01 kg = € 29.99 - insured

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