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Bolero Drink Trial Pack - 24 Flavors with Stevia


  • Sugar free
  • Vegan
  • Pack of 24 
  • Sugar-free instant soft drink with stevia extract
  • Instant soft drink with the natural sweetener Stevia
  • Flavored
  • The taste of an energy drink(but just a lot better)but without caffeine and without taurine. Just enjoy the taste.


The pure, sugar-free pleasure:
  • sugar free
  • vegan
  • Decaffeinated (except Energy)
  • without Turin (except Energy)
  • Pure taste !!!


One sachet is suitable for preparing 1.5 - 6 liters of ready drink. Simply decide for yourself how intensely you would like to enjoy our soft drinks.

If you want an intense fruit flavor, use a bag of powdered drink to prepare 1.5 - 2  liters of drink.

You want a refreshment - just a splash of freshness in your water to have more variety - pour a bag of Bolero soft drink with up to 6 liters of water.


You will thus receive from this packup to 144 liters of finished drink!!!!

Just decide how best to enjoy our Bolero Instant Drinks.


A little hint:

Bolero is ideal for hiking, on vacation and on the go, as well as for sporting activities such as fitness, jogging or football. Very low weight and a small pack size.


Bolero Instant Drink - refreshment for all occasions.


Ingredients/Nutritional Information: see individual items


The package includes the following individual products:

  • Lemon - a bag of 9g
  • Raspberry - a bag of 9g
  • Orange - a bag of 9g
  • Peach - a bag of 9g
  • Coconut - a bag of 9g
  • Strawberry - a bag of 9g
  • Multivitamin - a bag of 9g
  • Cola - a bag of 9g
  • Apple - a bag of 9g
  • Currant - a bag of 9g
  • Forest fruits - a bag of 9g
  • Honey melon - a bag of 9g
  • Pineapple - a bag of 9g
  • Pear - a bag of 9g
  • Mandarin - a bag of 9g
  • Exotic - a bag of 9g
  • Mango - a bag of 9g
  • Watermelon - a bag of 9g
  • Blood orange - a bag of 9g
  • Banana and strawberry - a bag of 9g
  • Ice Tea Lemon - a bag of 8g
  • Ice Tea Peach - a bag of 8g
  • Sport Orange - a bag of 9g
  • Energy - a bag of 7g


Preparation recommendations:

Put a sachet of Bolero Instant Powder in a jug and pour 1.5 - 6 liters of cold water over it. Stir briefly and the drink is ready.




Bolero drink introductory package<br>24 stevia flavors

SKU: KLP-101
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€11.50Sale Price
100 Grams
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